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Repeat after us: "Scup-per-nong." Don't forget that final "n"—the word rhymes with "song”.

Scupper-what? Repeat after us: "Scup-per-nong." Don't forget that final "n"—the word rhymes with "song”. Today we want to share with you something that we think is not only quintessentially September, but with 4 surrounding u-pick locations, quintessentially Statesville, North Carolina.

Today we are featuring Hazy Red Vineyard right here in Statesville.  You can also pick this official NC State fruit at:

Grietje's Garden

Cowan Farm and Vineyard

R and R Grapes

Fragrant vines line the side of Jane Sowers Road in Statesville, NC

Rows upon rows of fragrant vines line the side of Jane Sowers Road in Statesville, NC where Hazy Red Vineyard rests. On a plot of land that dates back to the mid 1800s, one family’s heritage has been carved by agricultural practices. From a horse drawn wagon delivering cotton to the local cotton gin to harvesting some of the sweetest muscadines and scuppernongs around, Hazy Red Vineyard has an awesome story to tell.

Proud ancestors, Lorne Cook and his family invite you to Hazy Red Vineyard

From the mid 1800s to mid 1900’s the land that is now Hazy Red Vineyard was originally used to grow and harvest cotton. The family who lived on the land, ancestors of the current owners, sharecropped the cotton to the citizens of Statesville. Additionally, they grew everything else they needed to survive, other than sugar and coffee which they purchased. The cotton was delivered to a cotton gin, formally located on Sullivan Road, by horse and wagon until a car almost ran the wagon off of the road in the mid 1960s. One of the current owners also shared that his Great Grandmother would milk their only cow and walk a great distance to leave it for the milkman everyday.

Together, the family designed, ordered and built everything themselves

Over the years, the land continued to be used to grow things such as family gardens, persimmons and hay. In 2006 the family began to build Hazy Red Vineyard. After conducting thorough research it was decided that they would grow native scuppernongs and muscadine grapes which made the most sense considering they’re native to North Carolina and wouldn’t require as much upkeep as other varieties. Together, the family designed, ordered and built everything themselves, they even tamped every post during construction. After the initial planting process the first two years of the operation were primarily vine management. Essentially, they had to touch every vine at least once a day in order to get the grapes to come in properly. After the third year into production Hazy Red had their first harvest, and the final product was well worth the wait.

Hazy Red Vineyard OPENS 09/12

Hazy Red Vineyard will be open to the public for picking and pick up on Saturday, September 12th from 9 am to 7 pm weather permitting. Pre-picked quarts are $3, pick your own gallons are $7 and $25 every 5 gallons. The grapes are ripe and ready for the picking with a beautiful fragrance that can be smelt from a great distance. Head out to Hazy Red Vineyard for family fun or a sweet date while procuring some delicious produce! 

 Hours of operation: M-F 4 pm - 7 pm Sat. 9 am - 7 pm Sun. 1 pm- 7pm
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