Zootastic Park: an Adventure at the Zoo

Last Updated 11/3/2020

Lions and Tigers and Monkeys, Oh My! Have you ever held a monkey or fed a tiger? You can at the largest hands-on zoo in America, Zootastic Park. Upon arrival, you’ll see a grand barn where you can start your adventure seeing and meeting all the animals Zootastic Park has to offer. You can choose a couple different ways to interact with the animals like buy food to feed the barn animals, purchase snacks to feed the Giraffes, feed the tigers with a handler (through the fencing - of course), and now even a drive-thru experience. Pricing to enter the park, season passes, and animal encounters are affordable! "It's not about the money. We want people to come here and get something out of it.” says Scottie Brown, owner of Zootastic Park.

Caring for Critters

The care for the zoo starts with Scottie Brown. He has a long history in the animal business and it started when he was finding a place to call home over 41 years ago. He enjoyed working with animals but he didn’t start out working with exotic creatures. Milking cows and shearing sheep were his introduction to a long life with animals. His passion was ignited after doing the simpler tasks of animal care and that passion has been growing ever since. Earlier on in his career, he became one of the best animal handlers in the United States. He takes pride in knowing the boundaries of the animals he not only owns and calls family but also cares for on a daily basis. “We don’t use our animals, we have babies, but if they are tired they don’t come out and we tell people sorry.” For Scottie, it’s important to keep the animal happy and work with them through enrichment which helps enhance their well-being. 

A Walk on the Wild Side

Zootastic considers their animals to be ambassadors for the ones in the wild. Since wild animals cannot advocate for themselves, the presence of the animals at Zootastic helps bring awareness to the different species you come in contact with. These ambassadors are here to educate everyone who walks through their door. They're here for you to not only learn about the lives of these specific animals but to also expose you to the different species that live on our grand planet. If you prefer to have guidance throughout your visit, employees can be found throughout the park to answer any questions. But, if you're a lone cat, there are signs posted at each animal exhibit to teach you the history, origin, and facts about the animals.

See you at the Zoo

If you are looking for an adventure where you can get up close and personal with animals from all walks of life, Zootastic Park is the place to go. Having giraffes eat from your hands and feeding friendly barnyard animals are some of the many exciting experiences you can encounter. Whether it's just you, a group of friends, or an entire family, each person will be able to get something out of it at the vast facility. 

We hope you come learn about these fascinating creatures and share your experience with others so the learning doesn't stop with you!

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