Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau: Objectives and Mission

The primary objective of the Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) is to promote, solicit and encourage travelers to stop and stay in the Greater Statesville Area resulting in furthering the continued economic development of the City.  This objective will be accomplished by promoting tourism and assisting visitors during their stay by encouraging them to visit and enjoy the historic cultural, entertainment and recreational opportunities the Greater Statesville Area has to offer.  The SCVB shall represent the Greater Statesville Area to all segments of travelers to the area through targeted regional, state, national and international advertising and promotion. 

In furtherance of these objectives, the Authority has the additional mission to encourage groups to hold meetings, conventions and trade shows in the Greater Statesville Area and in particular, its Civic Center.  This includes providing coordination and support services and assisting these groups with information during their stay, encouraging them to visit and enjoy the opportunities that the area has to offer. 

Our Team

Our team consists of 1 full-time outsourced Executive Director.

Our office is located at 328 E Broad Street, Suite B.

Normal operating Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:00 pm 

  • Cindy Sutton, Executive Director

Annual Budget

The 2022/2023 operating budget for SCVB is approximately $250,000. Funding comes from Occupancy Tax Proceeds. 

The Authority may use no more than thirty-five percent (35%) of the funds remitted to it by the City for salaries and other administrative cost in carrying out it's objectives & mission. 

Board and Committee Information

The governing board Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) consists of nine (9) members appointed at-large by the City of Statesville Council and one (1) ex officio member, which is the City of Statesville Finance Director as follows:  three(3) individuals who own or operate a hotel or motel in the City of Statesville; four(4) individuals who are currently active in the promotion of travel and tourism in the City of Statesville; two (2) of whom are active in the Statesville community and interested int he promotion of Travel and Tourism (and is also a resident of the City of Statesville). 

Board of Directors 

Three individuals who own or operate any occupancy tax paying lodging facility in the City of Statesville:

Jay 'Jimmy' Patel - Chairman
CEO, JAM Hospitality

Zankhana 'Tika' Shah
Ramada Inn & Suites 

Pritesh Nagarji
ABC Investments & Management Co.

Four individuals who are currently active in the promotion of tourism in the City of Statesville:

Pete Barger
CEO, Southern Distilling Company

Michelle Hepler
Executive Director, Rescue Ranch 

Shannon Viera
President, Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Wes Davidson
Owner, First Flight Bicycles  

Two individuals who are active in the community and are residents of the City of Statesville:  

Donald Hicks - Secretary
CFO, Statesville Housing Authority


Non-Voting Ex-Officio 

Tim Carr - Treasurer
Finance Director, City of Statesville